extended services

ERP system
Connecting the Sizomatic API to a company's ERP system enables Sizomatic to provide size recommendations based on the available item stock. The ERP system integration is a powerful tool for retail and online businesses
SSO Integration
Connecting the Sizomatic API to your existing single sign on (SSO) solution is a great way to start your Sizomatic success story together with your regular customers. Due to the connection between your well established user managament system and the Sizomatic API your customers can use their existing user account to create a personal body profile with Sizomatic
API connection for online marketplaces
Connecting your online marketplace to the Sizomatic API opens up a whole new world to your customers. Based on the Sizomatic's API output your online marketplace can create a personalized user experience that fully considers your customer's individual body profile.
Presenting a pre-selected collection of perfect fitting clothes has a massive impact on the quality and quantity of your customers's buying decisions
Standalone mobile app for iOS and Android
Sizomatic supports size recommendations based on barcode or QR-code scans. The Sizomatic app for iOS and Android is a turnkey solution for retail stores. After creating a personal body profile with the Sizomatic booth you can download the Sizomatic app and scan the barcode or QR-code of a garment inside the retail store. The Sizomatic app now uses your personal body profile in connection with the TechPackCloud and automatically determines the best fitting size of the item you scanned
Native app module for iOS and Android
The native app module has the same functionality as the 'standalone mobile app for iOS and Android'. If your fashion brand already published a mobile app you can easily integrate the native Sizomatic module into your existing app

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